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Love is in the air – how to make the most of spring dating

spring dating

Spring is one the best times of year to give your dating life a new lease of life. Take a look at these top tips from midlife coach Rebecca Perkins and make the most of your spring dating experience

I love this time of year. It’s full of hope and possibility. It’s the time to have a spring clean, to get outside after winter hibernation and definitely the time to do something different.

We can get stuck in our ways so easily, doing things we’ve always done because we’ve always done them that way. It’s time to shake thing up a little in every area of your life.

Here are a few ideas that can help you add a sense of excitement to your spring dating life:

Are you standing in your own way?

What dating beliefs do you hold that are now outdated? You might find it easier to identify these by talking things through with a friend.

What could you do differently?

Maybe it’s time to get out more, to spend less time learning a new hobby or skill, to walk a different route to walk or try a different class at the gym. It’s amazing how we start to see things differently when we challenge our routines.

Imagine if you could take away all the limitations that you’ve placed on your life for 24 hours.

What would you do? I love this; it gives you a chance to explore, to dream, and to create something entirely different.

Be aware of your internal dialogue.

Try to keep a note of every time you hear a negative thought inside your head – you’ll be amazed at what you hear and what you believe about yourself.

Let go of trying to find a partner and start to simply enjoy the human connections that you make.

They might not tick all the boxes but does that even matter? Just ask yourself: do we like hanging out? And if the answer’s yes, keep spending time together.

Ditch the idea of having a ‘type’.

Just imagine how much you’re missing out on by limiting the type of people you’ll even consider dating.

Take a look at your dating profile and ask yourself one simple question: would I date me?

If you struggle to really love your profile, others will probably feel the same. Take a look at our top tips or consider getting a professional to help you craft the perfect profile.

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